Captain John Griffiths has many years practical experience of working in the pilot employment sectors of the aviation industry.

His aim is to provide reports that are trustworthy and acceptable in order to withstand the closest scrutiny.

The approach he takes is to use his professional expertise, combined with a robust analysis, in-depth research and detailed evidence in the completion of employment reports.

The reports deal with an individual’s career progression pathway, their employment prospects, future career opportunities, loss of income, as well as the vicarious liability of employers.

He has undergone training with the Expert Witness Institute, Bond Solon. He has given evidence in court.

John is an individual member of the Expert Witness Institute.

Notable Cases

A young aspiring pilot seriously injured in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) had her aspirations of becoming an airline pilot permanently curtailed. The settlement agreed was over £1m.

A RAF engineer, in the process of a career change to become a civilian pilot, was injured in a RTA. Although able to continue as an aircraft engineer he could no longer meet the medical standards required for the issue of a professional pilot’s medical certificate. The settlement agreed was in the region of £500,000.

A young man’s hopes of joining the RAF were dashed by an accident at work. Although able to be issued with a CAA Medical Certificate he did not meet the standards required to become a RAF pilot. The agreed settlement was over £100,000.

A cabin crew employee was seriously injured in a road traffic accident and was unable to work again in his chosen profession. Negligence was admitted by the insurance company and a report was written on the loss of career and his future promotion aspects, along with loss of benefits.

A civil engineer was injured in a road traffic accident and his allegation of claim centred on the circumstances surrounding his future career as an aircraft engineer.

A Royal Navy pilot was seriously injured in an aircraft accident and could no longer retain the medical standard required. He was medically discharged and obtained employment as a ground school instructor. The report focused on his loss of career as a Royal Navy pilot when compared to that of a ground school instructor to normal retirement date.

A civilian airline Captain was seriously injured in a road traffic accident and could no longer retain the medical standard required to retain his professional pilots licence. He was medically discharged from a major UK airline. The report focused on his loss of career as a civilian airline captain and suitable alternative to normal retirement date.

On a number of occasions Access Aviation’s reports have been accepted by a defendant’s insurer without their need to use an expert. The negotiations resulted in a satisfactory conclusion for both parties.

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